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How long will my repair take?

When you order a repair, the work will be given a 'priority' before it is passed to the contractor/work-person. This priority is indicated a maximum time for the job to be done. The repair priorities are as follows:


  • Emergency Priorities: Include total or partial loss of electricity, heating or hot water (depending on the season) and insecure doors and windows. MHA will respond to these priorities within 2 hours and complete the repair that same day.
  • Urgent Priorities: Include a blocked toilet or sink. MHA will respond to and complete these repairs within 24 hours.
  • Non-Urgent Priorities: Include faulty extractor fans, etc. MHA will respond to and complete these repairs within 5 working days.
  • Routine Repairs: Include blocked gutters or damaged fences. MHA will complete these repairs within 20 working days.


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