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Allpay: 3 new ways to pay your rent

MHA tenants who do not currently pay their rent by Direct Debit or Standing Order will have received a new card through their letterboxes from Tuesday 3 August. This card gives you your new Allpay Reference Number.


Using your Allpay Reference number, you can register to use 3 new ways of paying your rent:

  • 24/7 automated phone line
  • Pay via Allpay Mobile App
  • Pay by Text

From 1st February 2017, tenants who wish to continue to pay their rent in person at their local Post Office or at a Paypoint outlet, will be able to use their plastic Allpay card. This card will replace your existing paper Rent Payment card, however, please note that your Rent Payment card will still work.

If you do not have a plastic Allpay Card, or your card is lost, destroyed or stolen, please ring 01495 745770 and we will arrange to send you a new one.


What to do now?

Firstly, you need to register your Allpay Reference Number (the number that appears under your name on the Allpay card. You will also be asked for the long number on the front of your Allpay card) on the Allpay website: . You will need your e-mail address to do this. You need to do this for all of the services below.


24/7 automated phone line

When you ring our main telephone payment line number 0800 085 3557, you can access the 24/7 automated phone line by selecting Option 1, and follow the instructions.


Pay via the Allpay Mobile App

You can download the free Allpay app from iTunes App Store (for Apple IOS) or Google Play (for Android) devices. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. You can then log in to the App using the same details when you registered your card. Follow the instructions on the App to make a payment.


Pay by Text

Register your mobile number at . You will be allocated a unique code and you will be allocated a password, which you will need to send with the amount you want to pay, as instructions below:

1.     Pay - Text message Must Always start with the word "Pay" which can be in upper or lower case. 


2.     Text Code - After the word "Pay", the text message must include the unique code you have been given e.g. rent.


3.     Amount - The text message must include the amount of money that you wish to pay e.g. 5.00 or 5 to signify "five pounds".  Do not use the pound (£) symbol as this will result in an incomplete payment.  1.50 would signify one pound and fifty pence, while 1.5 would be rejected as an incomplete amount.


4.     Text Password - The text message must include your Text Password which is automatically allocated and comprises the last 4 digits of the card itself e.g. 1234.


Example Text Message: Pay rent 5.00 1234


You can check your text code and password at any time by logging on to and viewing the card you have registered.


All text messages are to be sent to 81025 to make the payment.  You will receive a text message in reply (can take up to 3 minutes) to tell you whether the payment was made successfully



  • If you want to pay at the Post Office/PayPoint Outlet, you can use either your Allpay card or your paper Rent Payment card
  • Your paper Rent Payment card will be phased out by March 2018 - you will be able to use your paper card until then
  • If you want to pay your rent by Direct Debit, please ring 01495 745770 - Monday to Thursday 8.30 – 4.30, and Friday 8.30 – 4.00
  • Even if you pay your rent by Direct Debit, but pay other charges such as service charges or garage rent by separate payment, you will receive an Allpay card to give you the option to pay online, via phone or text. If you’d like to pay these charges by Direct Debit please get in touch on 01495 745770



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