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The snow must go on

Arboriculture contractors EOS Contracting come to the rescue during the bad weather to help Monmouthshire Housing Association (MHA) engineers keep tenants warm during the freezing temperatures. 

EOS, who work with utility companies and local councils to manage or remove trees that are causing problems, took on a different role transporting MHA heating engineers around the county.

With snow making it hard for staff to travel to tenant’s homes during the bad weather, MHA were grateful to enlist the help of EOS’s Jason Powell. Jason transported heating engineer Gary O'Rourke to and from jobs even helping out to shovel snow from people’s pathways. But even with the aid of a 4x4 the treacherous conditions still made it hard to get around –with some even travelling by foot. 

“Nantyglo was horrendous” Jason said. “We couldn’t get through some parts and had to trudge through the snow in some places before getting back on the road.”

But It wasn’t just MHA who were helped out during the snowy weather. EOS also helped transport health care workers to visit their elderly patients. 

Jason said: “The snow caused faults within the tree management contract we hold with Western Power Distribution which kept our teams busy within the Worcestershire area, given our framework contract with Monmouthshire Council we felt obliged to offer to help in any way we could.”            

“It just shows how local organisations can come together. EOS are always available and happy to help out in any situation.” 

To thank EOS for their help, MHA donated to a charity of Jason’s choice. 

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