Service Standards & Unacceptable Behaviour

Our Service Standards

Monmouthshire Housing Association is committed to providing a high level of customer service. We recognise that anyone who contacts us expects and deserves a high standard of customer service.

Our customer service standards are set with our core values of being open, fair, flexible and achieving. The standards have been drafted with the help and advice of our tenants.  To view our service standards please click on the document below –

MHA Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 82KB 

Unacceptable Behaviour

Monmouthshire Housing Association works hard to improve the standard of services that we deliver, and to make sure that every customer is treated in a fair, polite and professional way.  For 99% of the time, our customers treat us with the same respect, but occasionally this is not the case.  Our policy is that MHA staff and representatives should be treated with the same respect as is expected of them.

MHA considers unacceptable behaviour to be aggressive or abusive behaviour from customers, including physical, verbal or written abuse or threats.  Unreasonable demands or harassment from people using our services is also considered to be unacceptable, although we will not deem behaviour to be unacceptable if a customer is determined or forceful when making reasonable requests or complaints.   

Each case of unacceptable behaviour will be considered individually.  To view our Unacceptable Behaviour Policy please click on the following link –

Unacceptable Behaviour Policy.pdf [pdf] 197KB 

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