“I kicked off my 6 month one-day a week work placement by shadowing Harrison, MHA’s Marketing & Communications Officer, who was busy putting together a video to promote the soon to retire Director of Resource position that Steve Higginson has held since March 2010. It also proved a good opportunity for staff to talk to camera and advocate working for MHA.

Overall, it has been an interesting first day. Having never worked in this sector before, the pace is very different to what I’m used to so far!! The entire workforce are super friendly and welcoming, even John (the CEO)!!!

I was also tasked with assessing both Tenant and Money Matters publications for their content and information value (I do question the paper it’s printed on!!!) Main thoughts on this … is it actually necessary and cost effective in our digital age? [Great point Claire – we are about to start a review of our publications, and digitalising is one of the key areas up for discussion]

From this placement I hope to gain a full and clear understanding of the corporate role within the business. Gain knowledge to help guide me on my future career path and the confidence to know I can do this.

I’m very much looking forward to learning from the team especially all about graphic design from ‘amazing Graham’ (so I am told).

Watch this space!!”

By Claire Wheeler