Week 2

Well, I’m back! My second work placement with the communications team at MHA.

Today I have been tasked with creating a save the date email, WOW……daunting to say the least but exciting. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

A lot has happened personally for me this last week, my anxiety has been stretched to the limit so to say I’m nervous today is a massive understatement. I NEED TO MAKE THIS WORK FOR ME!!!

The save the date email I’m creating is for the Rise 2 Inspire team. It’s a great project that is available to people aged 55+ to encourage them to get involved in groups and the wider community be it by getting online, developing hobbies, past times, improving health and healthy cooking options to finding the right exercise to meet their needs.

In summary the project aims to enhance wellbeing through reducing isolation and loneliness and is an opportunity for the older generation to share skills and knowledge to the younger generation…….Fantastic!!! A great scheme that deserves my best I think.

Six posters later, my morning is complete all sent over to Graham for his expert review.

This afternoon is to be spent working with Nathan learning the social media aspects of communication. It was surprising to me to realise just how many different ways there are to engage with MHA. Firstly the website, packed with useful information and ways to be in touch. Community activities that they are involved with, the Bright Ideas scheme, paying your rent and much more.  Further to that there are Facebook, Virtual Voice, Twitter and Instagram pages. Getting your ideas and thoughts through to your landlord has never been easier.

My second day here, the guys have yet again made a very nervous start most enjoyable. I’m relishing the opportunity to completely change my work life direction and learn new skills. Gaining in confidence each week.


Week 3

Week 3 of my six week work placement with Corporate Services at MHA.

My morning started with Graham (Graphic Designer) for a briefing on the email designs that I created last week. Graham chose the design basic from the six that I created (badly I might add) and re-mashed it using his amazing software, which I had never heard of. The time and work that goes into each one is absolutely mind blowing.

Also today I have been mentored in press release writing with Harrison. After being shown the guidelines for writing one I was asked to write my own, how hard could that be? It turns out it’s a lot harder than I thought!  Harrison reviewed my finished article so to speak and I think he and I were pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t actually all that bad. Just a few minor alterations.

Following on from this morning I road tested a new system that Graham has been working on for the website, which I feel when complete will be a great tool for tenants use.

Not such a busy day for me today as the guys are super busy, I appreciate their time is precious without having to show me the ropes.