To support Men’s Mental Health Week, Dads Can Cymru set the lemon challenge to raise awareness of the internal struggles people face on a daily basis and get people talking about men’s mental health.

The challenge was to suck a lemon and try not to pull a face and then nominate a friend or family member to continue with the challenge, sharing on social media to raise the profile and break the stigma.

The challenge will be ongoing and anyone can get involved to show their support that men of any age know its ok not to be ok.

Nadine Fletcher, Dads Can Co-Ordinator commented; “The Dads Can Cymru project set the lemon challenge to open up the conversation with men to talk about their mental health and to break the stigma of not speaking out. The biggest killer for men under the age of 50 in the UK is suicide and our project witnesses the struggle that men face between the idea of the modern man and inbuilt traditional values of the strong closed off provider. We want this challenge to raise awareness and change the way that we behave and the services we provide for men.”