It is very important that we have a Board fit for purpose so Monmouthshire Housing can deliver homes of the highest quality and continue to deliver an excellent service to our tenants.   This is why we are undergoing a complete review of our board of management and have created a new Community Voice Committee.


  • Could you help shape your community?
  • Are you passionate about providing excellent customer service?
  • Do you know a member of the community who might be perfect for this role?


We need your help to raise the bar for MHA and help us deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

To read more about why we are making these important changes, and what the Community Voice Committee is all about, here

To APPLY to be part of the Community Voice Committee, click here and complete the Community Voice application form.

If you want to read about the Committee’s Terms of Reference (ie details about how it will be structured, number of members etc), then click here.