We have delivered 8 much-needed new affordable homes in Bulwark, Chepstow.

The high-quality development on Western Avenue comprises one-bedroom houses, built utilising sustainable methods of construction and low carbon embodiment, all for affordable rent.

The homes have been designed in collaboration with the Welsh School of Architecture, funded by the Welsh Government’s innovative housing programme and built by MHA’s trading subsidiary Capsel.

Chris Kinsey, Head of Land & Property Acquisition said: “We know there is a desparate need for more affordable housing in Monmouthshire, and it’s great to see the first of MHA’s developments in Bulwark completed and the tenants moving into their beautiful new homes.


These long-life homes have been built utilising high energy performance to help eliminate fossil fuels whilst minimising energy costs for our tenants by using methods such as sustainable insulation, photovoltaics and air source heat pumps”.

All properties are timber frame and materials used are assessed for sustainability. Specially designed sustainable drainage tree pits and bedding shrubs were also incorporated to manage rainfall and protect against flood risk

A cassette roof system was utilised to maximise the feel of internal space while providing velux roof lights to areas of the house to avoid need for electrical lighting in dusk and dawn.

MHA’s second Bulwark development, located at nearby Pembroke Road is scheduled to complete this Summer.