We would like to thank all our tenants for their understanding during this difficult time, it’s really appreciated.

In light of the rapidly changing Covid situation, we are only carrying out emergency and urgent repairs; including gas servicing, whilst ensuring we are complying with Government guidelines on social distancing.

We will review this position on 8th January.  

If your repair is not deemed an emergency, your repair will be logged in the normal way and we will be in touch when we can safely carry out your repair.

Our latest repairs procedure

  • An MHA member of staff will talk to you to gain an accurate picture of your repair.
  • If the repair is straightforward, a tradesperson will talk you through fixing the repair yourself.
  • If deemed necessary, the tradesperson will attend your home.
  • Fifteen minutes before the tradesperson arrives they will ring and instruct you to open the door and will advise you which room to remain in both prior to their arrival and for the duration of the repair being carried out.
  • Upon completion the tradesperson will inform you they are leaving and you can then leave the room and close the door.
  • If necessary, our tradesperson will wear disposable overalls, gloves, boot covers and masks when carrying out the work.

It is CRITICAL you remain in the room advised until the tradesperson completes the repair and leaves your property – YOU MUST NOT wander out of this room whilst the tradesperson is in your home.

Emergency repairs and timescales


Total or partial loss of power – same day

Unsafe electrics e.g. exposed wires, broken socket/light fittings – same day

No bathroom lighting – same day if no natural light, 5 days if natural light in bathroom

No power or water to electric shower – same day if anyone in household has medical needs for daily bathing and there is no other bathing facility in the property; 5 days if another bathing facility is in the property

Total loss of lighting to communal area – same day


Total loss of water – same day

Partial loss of water – 3 days

Blocked toilet or drains – same day if it is the only toilet in the property; 3 days if another toilet available

Toilet not flushing – same day if it is the only toilet in the property; 3 days if another toilet available

Unable to turn tap on/off – 3 days

Water leak – same day if electrics are affected. 3 days if electrics are not affected and water can be contained.


*Gas leak or suspected gas leak – Emergency – 2 hours attendance by Transco

*Suspected carbon monoxide – Emergency – 2 hours

No heating or hot water (up to 1st May) – Same day

No heating or water (after 1st May) – 3 days

Water leak on boiler – 3 days

Low pressure on boiler – 3 days

Gas Servicing – Continues to be scheduled


Roof leak causing severe water penetration – 5 days

Security issue at property e.g. ground floor window, external door – Same day

Loose stair bannister/handrail – 3 days

Unsafe floorboard or stair tread – 3 days

Install of grab rails (referrals only) – 5 day

Working together in this difficult time will ensure that all emergency repairs can be attended and everyone stays safe and well. Thank you for your cooperation with this.