I thought I would know what I wanted to do when I finished university, but when the time came, I didn’t!  Like many graduates, I found myself finishing University without knowing what career I wished to pursue.

I began to apply for various jobs but discovered that there was a lot of form filling and found myself shifting from job to job, often on short term contracts, and rarely finding any job satisfaction.

Following this period, I decided to look for something that was more rewarding and found a job with MHA.  My current role is customer facing and involves working closely within our many communities across the county of Monmouthshire.

I remember how much it surprised me to find out that housing is much more than the houses; it’s about the people who live in them, which I find so rewarding.

Fast forward eight years, I am working on a part time basis, and have a great work life balance, I feel lucky that I work in a field that allows me the flexibility to do everything I want to.  I am excited to be part of MHA’s Future Leaders programme and am looking forward to many more years in housing.