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What is Community MasterChef?

Community MasterChef is a remote weekly course which teaches participants how to recreate 7-weekly family meals on a budget of £25, based on feeding a family of four.


Repurposing the same ingredients or leftovers to create meals for the whole week! There are a limited number of fully funded places on the course, however participants can also take part in the project on non-funded places. All participants will be entered into the weekly and grand prize draw.

How long is the course?

The course takes place throughout the school holidays with pre-recorded recipe videos distributed once a week.

How does it work?

Participants will follow along chef Pav’s weekly recipe cards and weekly pre-recorded video courses. The pre-recorded courses will recreate favourite family ‘Fake Away’ on a budget, repurposing the same ingredients or leftovers to make healthy affordable meals for a whole week!


Participants will be required to ‘showcase’ their creations on the private MasterChef Facebook group to be entered into the prize draws and receive vouchers for those on funded placements.


To spice things up, there will be a weekly prize for the participants who recreate their meals even cheaper than the guidance. Information on the AMAZING prizes you could win will be released along the way through the Facebook platform!


As well as guiding participants through the weekly favourite “Fake Away”, a panel of expert judges pop up in each video to talk about hot topics such as nutrition tips, rising food costs, food sustainability, seasonal food, and food inclusivity.

Who can participate?

Participants must:

  • Be aged 19 years and above
  • Live in Monmouthshire (it’s open to all Monmouthshire residents, not just MHA tenants)
  • Have grade D or below in GCSE Maths *For funded space


We have a limited number of funded spaces available, so please send your interest and our team will be in touch. If you do not receive a funded place, you can still participate and have opportunity to win prizes throughout the courses.


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