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    Looking for a garage or carport to rent in Monmouthshire?

    Our garages and carports are available for both tenants and the general public to rent (though priority is given to MHA tenants). Garages can be used for your vehicles, which keeps it safe and may lower your insurance costs.


    Garages can also be used for the storage of personal or household items however MHA cannot guarantee that the garage will be watertight and any contents of the garage should be insured by the tenant as we do not insure the contents of garages.


    You will need to live within a 3 mile radius of the garage – or for those in rural areas, the nearest garage to you.

    What can I expect from a garage or carport?

    • Our garages are lockable and carports are both well maintained.
    • We offer a repair service and can be contacted within office hours – view our Report a Repair page..
    • Garages and carports are inspected before they are available to let.



    • Weekly charges for garages are £7.31 for people renting a home from us, or £9.17 for anyone else.
    • Weekly charges for carports are £2.43 for people renting a home from us, or £2.98 for anyone else.

    How do I rent a garage or carport?

    If you are interested in renting a garage or carport from us, please complete the form below.


    If you have already applied and would like an update on your application, you can call our Business Support team on 01495 761151.



    We will contact you within 3 working days of receiving your application.

    Tenants have first priority for MHA garages and they are let on first come first served basis. If there are no tenants waiting for a garage in your area you will then be offered one depending on your position on the waiting list.


    You do not need to contact us once you are registered, as we will monitor the availability of garages in your area.

    If you miss our call, we will try and contact you on two further occasions via text message or email, if there is no response within 48hrs, we will allocate the garage to the next person on the waiting list.


    It is important you give us an up-to-date phone number when you register.

    Yes, you can rent more than one garage at a time, with a maximum of 2 garages per household, depending on the availability and demand of garages within you area.

    If you would like to end your tenancy please write to us with your reasons why.


    You will be required to give 1 weeks’ notice in writing and to clear contents of the garage before the notice expires, you will also be required to pay any outstanding charges before the tenancy ends.

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