Your data

In order to manage our homes and deliver the services we offer for our customers, or if you apply for a job with us, it is necessary for us to collect, process and share your personal data with other organisations.

Our Privacy notice applies to Monmouthshire Housing Associations’ tenants, leaseholders and potentially any other customers that contact us and use our services and explains:

  • How we collect information/data
  • What information we may collect
  • What we mean by Special Category personal data
  • When and why data may be collected or shared and our Lawful basis for doing so
  • Who we may share data with
  • How we secure your data, how long it is held and your individual rights under the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018
  • Our use of cookies

You can download a copy of the Privacy Notice in the Useful Information section

Authority to Disclose Information Form

If you wish for a family member, councillor or MP to act on your behalf you will need to complete Authority to Disclose Information Form

This form should be completed by you when you wish Monmouthshire Housing Association to disclose information on matters relating to your general welfare, benefit entitlement and any tenancy-related issues to third parties.

To make sure we comply with data protection and privacy law, we need your consent for us to be able to disclose your information to other individuals/organisations.