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How our performance is monitored

Our performance is reported to our Board and executive team on a regular basis.


In 2023/24 we asked our tenants to choose the top 5 KPI’s that mean the most to them, so they can see how we stack up! We will always show the most recent quarter, against our annual %.


Find out more about our achievements

Our Publications
Annual Review, Corporate Plan, Tenants' Annual Review and more.
Your Community page
Read more about what we are achieving in our communities.

Our future plans

Our new Corporate Plan is ambitious and challenging and sets out our strategic objectives for the next 12 months. Outlining our goals and guiding our actions so we continue to grow whilst delivering exceptional services and support to our tenants, leaseholders and communities.


The plan also recognises our commitment to becoming a more sustainable, zero carbon business.


The 4 pillars of the Corporate Plan will help us deliver a consistent and focussed approach to achieving our Group vision.


Customer Complaints

We want every customer to feel we are transparent in how we treat them and the way we do things. When we deliver our services, if we get something wrong, we encourage you to tell us so we can put it right and do better next time.


In 2023/24 we :

  • Number of complaints received: 17
  • Number of compensation claims received: 21
  • 8% complaints upheld or partially upheld
  • Top 3 complaints were: Repairs, Housing Issues and Estate Management


If you would like to provide feedback get in touch with us:



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