What’s special about Cwrt y Ffynnon?

Funded through the Welsh Government’s Innovative Housing Programme and built by MHA in collaboration with Cardiff University’s Welsh School of Architecture.  These bungalows have  been built to the highest development standards, using local skills, resources and equipment wherever possible.

Complete with state of the art environmental monitoring, including a weather station, internal environmental meter, hot water meter, smart energy meters and air quality equipment. Each bungalow has been built to be sustainable and energy efficient, with a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) – the official government approved system for assessing the energy rating for a new home – rating of  over 100.


What’s different about Cwrt y Fynnon?

The bungalows will offer a flexible build design and can feature either one or two bedrooms, with a separate kitchen or an open plan living area to meet the household needs. 

A pleasant courtyard offers a low-maintenance outside space, enhances a sense of community, whilst retaining privacy.

Who lives in a home like this?

Aimed at older households, particularly those who wish to downsize, the bungalows offer independence and a generous living space. These wonderful properties are available to rent with priority given to those aged 60+, moving from a family-sized social home.