Our vision is to provide high quality homes for both existing and new customers as well as providing value for money services. Where tenants do not look after their home or provide access for health and safety checks, we will apply a charge to cover these costs.

What is a recharge?

A recharge is payable where we have needed to repair something in a property which is the responsibility of a tenant, this can be caused by accident, failure to care for the property, removal of goods left behind or deliberate damage. These charges can be applied during the tenancy or when a tenancy ends. A charge can also be payable for missed servicing appointments which have not been rearranged prior to our engineer attending the property, environmental recharges where we have had cause to collect items that have not been disposed of properly or repairs that could result in damage to the property.

You can’t always avoid a recharge, but the risk can be minimised by always looking after your home and reporting any damage to us straight away.

For more information on your responsibilities please see section 5.16 of your contract “Care of Your Home”.

How will I know if I have a recharge?

If you have incurred a recharge due to repairs, you will be notified by the Customer Service team or Operative that this is the case. You will also receive an invoice for this. If you have recently moved out of property and a recharge has been applied you will have been told about this at the pre-move inspection and will have been given estimated costs for the work to be completed by MHA.

You can check your balance at any time by contacting the Customer Service team or your Income Officer. You will also be able to find this balance on your quarterly rent statement.

Making contact

My name is Kerris, and I am an Income Officer that deals with the recovery of any recharges that occur under MHA’s Rechargeable Repairs Policy. I will be in touch with you as you seek to move on from your home, to ensure that you are aware of any recharges that may be charged, as well as working with you to make payments or setting up an affordable payment plan if you’re unable to clear the account in one payment.

I will be your point of contact should you wish to make adjustments to existing agreements if your circumstances change.

You can contact me by email at kerris.evans@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk

Ways to pay

Full payment of your recharge is due within 30 days of receiving your invoice. If you have concerns about making the payment in full to clear the debt please contact us. Where no payment or arrangement to pay is set up, MHA may seek court action.

Appealing a recharge

If you do not believe the charge is accurate or you would like us to take into consideration factors that may have affected the recharge, you can discuss this with the recharges Income Officer, Kerris (see details above).