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Personal Development

Our comprehensive training and qualifications programme will give you the tools and support you need to cultivate your skills and take your career to the next level!


To sow the seeds of a successful career, all staff go through a comprehensive induction programme throughout the first six month’s of their employment. This  fully equips you for life at MHA, and is a great opportunity to get to know other staff. That’s not all, we have planted lots more training opportunities available for all staff, check out a few below.

Future Leaders' Programme

We recognise that MHA is brimming with talented individuals who bring a whole bouquet of skills and passion to the organisation.


Each year, MHA offers the Future Leaders’ Programme which selects three aspiring leaders and provides them with focussed support to help develop their leadership skills.

The Future Leader Programme provides the following opportunities:  

  • Individuals will be supported to develop and complete a Personal Development Plan   
  • Allocated a Mentor who is a senior manager within MHA  
  • Given the opportunity to lead on and develop a specific project within MHA  
  • Receive training in Leadership, and Project Management  

Job shadowing

From connecting in the community, talking to tenants, becoming community champions and building knowledge of alternative roles; we are passionate about our staff seizing the opportunity to job shadow other individuals in the organisation.


At MHA, we believe job shadowing offers a myriad of benefits for everyone, it is an excellent self-development tool, which can provide an opportunity for career development and  networking, so they can blossom in all areas of the organisation.

Career Conversations

Checking in with you is important to us! You’ll  have regular 1:2:1’s with your manager who will support your learning needs in your current role.

To plant the seed of potential career aspirations, you’ll also have an annual Career Conversation to help identify how MHA can support you to achieve this. Whether it’s embarking on training courses, collaborating with others, attending events, we’ll water these opportunities where suitable, so you can thrive!

Flourish in a role at MHA

Check out our career opportunities.
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