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    The right advice matters

    If you are struggling with money right now, you are not alone – we are here to help!


    Millions of people are finding it hard to pay for everyday things because of the sudden price increases in things like food, fuel and energy. 


    Our friendly and knowledgeable Welfare and Wellbeing Team are here to help you navigate your financial challenges to help put pounds back in your pocket. From bespoke money advice, support in helping claim benefits you’re entitled too, to top tips to make the most out of your money; we’re here to guide and support you.

    Support with rent payments

    Your rent is one of the most important payments you will need to make but we appreciate that your circumstances can change. 


    If you ever fall behind with your rent, don’t ignore it. We appreciate that it can be a difficult and stressful situation, but telling us first can be the first step in the right direction. 


    If you’re struggling to pay your rent, please contact us straight away via 0345 677 2277 or You can also use Live Chat or Facebook Messenger. Our experienced & supportive Income Team are here to help. 

    Need help paying your rent?

    To find out who your local Officer is, search your area in the box below.

    Welfare and Wellbeing

    Our dedicated team offer MHA tenants a full advice service on all thing’s money-related. Whether you need advice to find the right deal, help applying for benefits, you have debt, or want some help to make your money go further, the right guidance and advice is available.


    The service is here to offer free, confidential, impartial advice to help you get the most out of your income and reduce your outgoings.


    We can…

    • Help you manage your money better by looking for ways to increase your income & reduce your outgoings.
    • Undertake Benefit checks and ensure that you are claiming all of the benefits you are entitled to. We can also support you with appeals.
    • Help you to explore your debt problem, explain the debt options available and how they may affect you.
    • Assist with grant applications.
    • Help you apply for extra funding to help if you are struggling to pay your rent (known as a Discretionary Housing Payment).
    • Financial Education- building confidence around finances and numeracy skills.
    • Establish tailored cost reducing activities, such as cooking on a budget or using cost saving community projects.
    • Help with long term financial planning and savings.


    Help with Universal Credit

    Does Universal Credit affect you? Talk to us, we’re here to help.
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    Case study - 'From financial hardship to entrepreneurialism'

    [Names redacted for privacy]


    Couple X, both in their early twenties with a large family, had long harboured the dream of starting their own business. However, the harsh reality of financial hardship stood as a formidable barrier to realising their aspirations with their business ideas seemingly put on permanent hold.


    With limited resources and mounting debts, they found themselves struggling to keep up with everyday expenses. The burden of unpaid bills loomed large, including rent arrears and overdue utility bills added to their financial woes.


    At this point couple X realised they needed professional assistance and contacted MHA to arrange one-to-one personalised budgeting sessions with a financial wellbeing coach, who specialises in coaching and mentoring people to overcome financial challenges.


    What we did to help and empower couple X:

    • Implemented a robust budgeting plan enabling them to meticulously track their income and expenditure, enabling them to identify areas for making savings.
    • Tapped into local social tariffs and resources available in their community enabling them to reduce utility bills and other essential expenses.
    • Developed a cost saving meal planning strategy focused on minimising food wastage and creating budget friendly meals, significantly reducing their food expenses.
    • Devised a systematic debt repayment strategy, prioritising their bills such as rent, whilst making consistent payments towards clearing their outstanding balances.
    • This holistic approach reaped major rewards for the family, transforming their financial outlook for the better.


    What they achieved:

    • Improved financial stability – they have significantly improved their financial stability and are no longer burdened by the constant stress of living UC payment to UC payment.
    • Reduced their outstanding debts – the debt repayment plan helped them tackle their growing debts, alleviating a source of significant financial strain for the family.


    Couple X have worked extremely hard with the financial wellbeing team, their strategic planning coupled with bags of perseverance and determination has transformed what was a bleak existence into a truly prosperous future.


    Empowered by their newfound financial stability they are now channelling their energies into making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality, they are launching their new business and laying the foundation for what promises to be a thriving future.


    The financial wellbeing team are very proud of what the family have achieved.

    Need a helping hand? Here's some extra support available

    Community Support Directory
    Helpful links for support services in your area.
    Money-saving and budgeting courses
    We regularly run Multiply-funded courses, that will help you with managing your finances day-to-day.
    Money Helper
    Advice on all thing's money related, including budgeting, debt and benefits.
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