Making you feel safe

We want all tenants to live in an environment where they feel safe in their homes and communities and take anti-social behaviour (ASB) very seriously.

We are committed to taking clear steps to deal with anti-social behaviour, nuisance and harassment so that MHA can provide a high quality service.

We work hard to try and stop all forms of ASB so all of our tenants can live and work in communities they feel safe in. All reports of ASB will be taken seriously and every attempt will be made to resolve the issue impartially and sensitively via telephone, letter, email or visit from a member of the Neighbourhood/Community Safety team.

What is anti-social behaviour?

There are many forms of ASB and we use the following definition.

“Anti-Social Behaviour is any type of aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person’s quality of life”.

What is ASB Booklet

Types of behaviour which can be classed as ASB include:

Reporting ASB

The earlier a dispute is resolved, the better for everyone. Sometimes your neighbours can be unaware of how their actions affect other people around them.

Approaching your neighbour in a polite and friendly manner explaining how their actions affect you can resolve many disputes without need for further action. This may not be appropriate if your complaint is regarding harassment, intimidation, violence or any other situation where you may feel vulnerable. In these situations, you should contact the police straight away, but always inform MHA as well.

ASB Service Standards

Managing ASB Booklet

Are You Suffering Booklet

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If you feel you are being subjected to some form of ASB you can report it to us confidentially in one of the following ways:

  • By completing our Reporting ASB form
  • By calling our main office on 0345 677 2277
  • Directly to a member of MHA staff
  • Police via the non-emergency number 101
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ASB Case Studies

ASB Case Review

If you have been a victim of persistent issues of anti-social behaviour and you feel our actions haven’t resolved the issues, then you may be able to activate the ASB Case Review and request a review by the Community Safety Coordinator at Monmouthshire County Council.  Please follow the link for further information: