Everybody deserves a warm & safe home

With temperatures set to dip and increases in bills and the cost of living, it’s important you and your family are kept warm, safe and well this Winter.

Please remember gas and electricity are your priority bills – if you don’t pay them, you run the risk of your gas or electricity being cut off by your supplier, and we really don’t want this to happen.

There are a number of ways you can help control your energy costs, and a variety of schemes introduced that can help you. If you are struggling and use a prepayment meter, your energy supplier may be able to provide short-term emergency top-ups. Ofgem have lots of advice on their website too, which is worth a look: Getting help if you can’t afford your energy bills | Ofgem

Warm Wales partnership

MHA and Warm Wales have joined forces to provide tenants with specialist energy advice and support, in the light of rising energy costs. We recognise things keep changing, but we are continuing to work on new ways to help you through these uncertain times. We are delighted to introduce our new Energy Advisor, Debbie. Here to offer advice and support to help reduce your energy costs.

The service offers:

  • Energy Advice, Support and Education: support and advice to help you understand energy bills and maintain a warm & safe home
  • Money Maximisation: Support reducing energy and water bills
  • Understanding and using the most effective sustainable fuel payment methods for you
  • Offering access to emergency support in the form of emergency top-up grants, vouchers and food packs *where eligible
  • Finding out the fuel offer from companies supplying Monmouthshire to ensure you are getting the best deal

To access this support, register here: https://sites.elementalsoftware.co.uk/app/WebObjects/ES-QA.woa/cms/warm_wales_healthy_homes_registerstart.en

If you want to find out more, please contact 0345 677 2277. Alternatively, email: moneywise@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk

How to save energy

We are working on a number of short videos with Sean, our Heating Services Manager, and his team to help tenants use the heating equipment in their properties more efficiently. Here are the first two:

Help with your water bill

Welsh Water have recognised many customers will struggle to afford essentials over the summer period and have launched a new campaign to help families in receipt of free school meals.  You could receive up to £230 off your water bill.

For more information: Help with bills | Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (dwrcymru.com)

Check if you’re eligible and apply online

Handy tips for saving energy and staying warm

MHA is working towards making customers’ homes warmer and more energy efficient – helping you to save energy and reducing our impact on the environment as part of our green pledge.

Keep your home warmer by shutting doors, turning down the thermostat in rooms you don’t often use, closing curtains or blinds at night and using draught excluders. Have a look at our ‘how to save energy’ tips (click on image).