MHA’s Neighbourhood Service Team comprise 4 teams who deliver all elements of tenancy management, income neighbourhoods, community safety, leasehold and service charges and the recently established in-house Cleaning Team.

The Neighbourhood Services Team set a goal to create a framework of services that enables a proactive and where possible preventative approach to the delivery of its services.

The creation of “patch-ups” held every 2 – 3 weeks take a collaborative and tenant focussed approach to decision making. These include income officers, neighbourhood officers, community safety, tenancy coaches and maintenance officers.

Examples of where these conversations have been critical are transfers where a tenant is seeking to downsize for affordability reasons but where they may be a cause for concern with property condition. These teams work in unison to ensure that we enable the best outcome for the tenant, the property and the recovery of rent and other charges as well putting in place safeguards for the settling into a new property.

In a context of significant change in housing MHA’s Neighbourhood Services team have delivered an exceptional amount which is built around a culture of care and collaboration which ensures that we make the right decisions for tenants.

Delivering the best services:

  • MHA’s Neighbourhoods team embraced and embedded Renting Homes (Wales) 2016. A review of housing management cases shows 100% compliance with timescales and delivery.
  • MHA’s tenant survey 2021 showed poor tenant satisfaction with general needs cleaning. The creation of an in-house cleaning team has turned this around with zero complaints received, whilst demonstrating better value for money for MHA and tenants.
  • The Income Team practice compassionate collection and as a result there are no non-engagers. The team ended the financial year with 2.2% arrears, putting MHA in a strong income position. This combined with their practise of trauma informed working and strong internal and external partnerships gained them the first Welsh HQN accreditation for maximising income and sustaining tenancies in Wales.

Capturing the essence of tenancy management and translating the day-to-day work that has the potential to change lives isn’t easy to achieve, but their annual achievements delivered below speak for themselves…