Our Vision

Our vision is to provide sustainable homes and create thriving communities that meet our stakeholders’ expectations, daily we seek to transform lives by enabling our communities to realise their ambitions, we do this by delivering safe, high quality homes, services and support.

Monmouthshire Housing Association (MHA) Ltd was established on 21st January 2008 to receive the housing stock of Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) through a large scale voluntary transfer. The Association is a new Industrial and Provident Society (IPS), managed by a Board of non-executive directors and an executive management team.

MHA’s main purpose is to provide and manage affordable homes in Monmouthshire for people who need them and to ensure all those homes meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard and then are maintained at that standard. The Association manages and maintains around 3,600 homes and 270 leasehold properties, as well as large numbers of garages and other land around and within our estates.

Our Performance

The Welsh Government has released the Tenant Survey publication results for every Welsh social landlord, along with a national online comparison tool that demonstrates how MHA is performing against other social landlords.

This year’s survey included 12 standard questions which all landlords have asked their tenants within the last two years based on a standard methodology.  The questions covered areas including: quality and maintenance, neighbourhoods, tenant satisfaction, service delivery and value for money.

The data is provided by landlords and published by the Welsh Government

Read a copy of the report here 

Creating Sustainable Communities ‘Impact Report’ – How we are doing

‘We’ll see you through’ is a powerful video that gives a snapshot of the work our Sustainable Communities team are doing and importantly the impact that it is having on our communities. Working with valued partners to ultimately improve and enrich the lives of our tenants and create thriving communities, where our tenants love to live.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal is to be a diverse, inclusive organisation where our people thrive and respond to customers with fairness and empathy.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and landlord celebrating diversity and inclusion by ensuring we are representative of society, as a whole.

Our work to embed an inclusive environment for our customers and colleagues is based on an understanding that treating everyone fairly is not about treating everyone the same. It’s about appreciating each person is an individual and understanding their needs. It’s about working in a way that ensures everyone feels respected, valued, included and heard.

Our values underpin our work but we recognise this is a journey of discovery and there is always room for improvement. Click here to read our EDI Strategy.

Here are some examples of what we are doing now…

Deeds Not Words

MHA have signed up and are committed to Tai Pawb’s ‘Deeds Not Words’ Pledge, tackling racism within the communities of Monmouthshire. This is a five-year plan and we are already ahead of target. To find out more, read our Action Plan Progress report.

Disability Confident Employer

This is a nationally recognised accreditation scheme MHA is passionate and committed to. Launched in 2016 the Scheme was developed with employers, disability charities and disabled people, designed to get more disabled people into work.

Tackling the 'Gender Pay Gap'

The Office for National Statistics provides a ‘measuring stick’ to monitor pay ratios between genders. On average, women at MHA are paid slightly lower due to high levels in part time positions and there are a high level of men in trade positions, making up just under half of our workforce. We are challenging stereotypical roles for male/female in non-technical part-time positions which reflects similarly businesses. It’s important that our recruitment advertising is not gender-biased too.

Welsh Language Scheme

The Welsh Language Scheme was prepared in accordance with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Guidelines, under the Welsh Language Act 1993.

You can view our Welsh Language Scheme here: https://www.monmouthshirehousing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Welsh-Language-Scheme-2023.pdf

Other Languages

At MHA we have access to several translatory services. Just speak with one of our customer advisors or your neighbourhood officer if you would benefit from this assistance.

Equality Impact Assessments (EIA)

We complete an EIA for every new policy and/or service charge as a way of ensuring the way we deliver our services don’t have unintended negative impacts on groups of people. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.


GDPR is a regulatory requirement and is how MHA protects the information and privacy of its customers, staff and others directly involved with MHA.
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