Garages & carports available to rent

Our garages and carports are available for both tenants and the general public to rent. Garages can be used for your vehicles, which keeps it safe and may lower your insurance costs.

How do I rent a garage?

  • Download the Area List PDF
  • Complete the online application form
  • If we have a suitable vacancy, we will let you know and arrange a time for you to visit Monmouthshire Housing to sign the garage/carport tenancy
  • You will be asked for payment in advance before we can complete the tenancy
  • Weekly charges for garages are £6.00 for people renting a home from Monmouthshire Housing, or £7.50 for anyone else
  • Weekly charges for carports are £2.00 for people renting home from Monmouthshire Housing, or £2.40 for anyone else
  • If we do not currently have any garage vacancies near to your home we will add your details to the waiting list

What can I expect from a garage or carport?

  • Our garages are lockable and carports are both well maintained
  • We offer a repair service and can be contacted within office hours
  • Garages and carports are inspected before they are available to let

So if you live in Monmouthshire and need a spacious garage or carport, please complete the online application form or call Alisa Price on 01495 761010 for more information.