We are delighted to have worked with the 1st Bulwark Scout Group on a recent substantial refurbishment.

The refurbishment was the result of a highly successful agreement between the 1st Bulwark Scout Group and MHA that has helped transform the small area and see the creation of 9 new affordable homes and a new scout hall.

MHA’s Director of Property Services Karen Tarbox explained…

“In order to build the development at Pembroke Road to the size and quality we aspired, we were happy to agree a mutually-beneficial trade-off with the owners of the adjacent Scout Hall.


The Scout Hall gifted MHA a small piece of land, in return for support in renovating their building.


We were delighted, as this meant we could fulfil our innovative design aspirations, as well as creating an excellent sociable space, with first class amenities, to be utilised by both the scouts and for the enjoyment of the wider community”.

1st Bulwark Scout Group had been meeting at the scout hall in Pembroke Road for over 50 years.  Over the past few years, the group had experienced a growing number of challenges with the upkeep of an ageing hall, including a leaky roof, which made it no longer viable for scouting groups to meet there.

Delighted Scout Group Treasurer, Cathy Allen said…

“The scout hall had been built in the 50’s and needed substantial improvement and investment. Three years ago, we had a lovely big building and space, but it simply wasn’t usable for the activities we wished to undertake with the Scouts.


We had pretty much exhausted every funding avenue, this collaboration has been revolutionary for us. It is amazing, we have a brand-new community space.


It was important for the facility to be in walking distance from the community it is based in. We have got the same space but with added features we didn’t have before; we have disabled access, wet rooms, and a lovely in-door mezzanine for storage.


When we first started talking to MHA I thought we might get a roof out of it, but this is a miracle!”

MHA are passionate about ‘placemaking’.  It is not just about the bricks and mortar or timber frame it is also about creating a community, a place and environment around the houses where people want to live. The collaboration with the 1st Bulwark Scout Group is a fantastic example of what can be achieved, working together for the benefit of our communities.

MHA also gifted the Scout Group a sum of £2,000 through our Pitch for Your Project scheme. This is being used with other donations to purchase brand new tables and chairs which can be moved and stored, so that they have the equipment to match their fantastic facility.

The development at Pembroke Road was one of two developments in Bulwark developed by MHA in partnership with Welsh School of Architecture and Capsel and received an injection of £3.1m of Welsh Government’s funding from their Innovative Housing Programme.

1st Bulwark Scout Group Hall

1st Bulwark Scout Group Hall

1st Bulwark Scout Group receiving their Pitch funding cheque