We are delighted to be able to award £1,000 from our Corporate Sponsorship Fund to Caldikidz Community Baby Bank, created to supply baby and mother essentials to local families in lower Monmouthshire.

Local groups and events can apply for funding up to £1,000 from MHA’s Corporate Sponsorship Fund. The Fund was set up to support projects that ultimately benefit the community in which we operate.

Caldikidz Community is based in Core Caldicot and supports families in Caldicot, Chepstow, Magor and surrounding areas. It was established to help local families who might be struggling to access all the essentials, from the age of newborn to 12 months, including items and equipment such as toiletries, food and clothing.

The inspiring face behind Caldikidz Community,  is MHA tenant and local Baby shop owner, Phillippa Reeks.   Phillippa opened up about her personal experiences motivating her to pursue the inspiring project:

“A combination of being a mum on a low income and talking to people in the Baby Shop; witnessing first-hand the amount of poverty around, especially during the current economic crisis, lead me to identify a need for the Baby Bank”.

“MHA’s funding both gave me the courage and finance to create the Baby Bank. Enabling me to purchase essential items including new teats for bottles, new dummies, as well as supplying brand new mattresses for the cots, moses baskets and prams”.

“If we have a referral and don’t have the item in stock or it’s a specialist request, we now have the funding to purchase these bespoke items. The Baby Bank can also provide sanitary products and signpost to other services who provide wrap around support, if needed”.

“Branding and marketing material has also been funded by MHA. I can honestly say, without this support I wouldn’t have been able to start this project as I’d have always doubted my ability to pull it off.”

Phillippa recognised financial hardship doesn’t discriminate and aims to alleviate poverty in children by supporting everyone who is in need, ensuring Caldikidz Community is an inclusive facility. Therefore, the Baby Bank is open to everyone who needs support, every family is as important as the next with the core focus to ensure people leave feeling they can support their babies.

Kate Fitzpatrick, MHA’s Head of Corporate Services, said…

“It’s fantastic to see how Phillippa has turned her vision into a reality with the creation of Caldikidz Community.  MHA established its sponsorship fund for exactly this purpose and we are delighted to have been able to award Phillippa £1,000 towards the set up costs.


The combination of her business sense, coupled with her compassion for others and supporting her local community is proving a massive benefit to those who might be struggling in the current economic climate.


We would urge any other groups or projects, who are providing support to local people in Monmouthshire and are in need of funding, to visit MHA’s website to find out about our latest Community Sponsorship and Pitch for your Project. Alternatively, contact our Engagement Team to find out more”.

Caldikidz Community Baby Bank is available to everyone. To access the service or make a donation, please visit Core Caldicot: 43 Newport Rd, Caldicot NP26 4BGor email: caldikidzcommunity@yahoo.com