We are delighted to announce we have been awarded £193,221 from the Welsh Government’s ‘Multiply’ programme, to provide increased financial and wellbeing support to people living in Monmouthshire (not just our tenants).

The funding forms part of the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund and Government’s Levelling Up mission.

Nadine Fletcher, MHA’s Inclusion Manager said:

“On a daily basis we are witnessing the devastating impact the increase in cost of living is having on our residents, so this significant financial boost is music to our ears. The funding will enable MHA to significantly scale-up its financial wellbeing service across Monmouthshire, at a critical time when it is needed the most.


The service will be available to anybody not just our residents. Whether you are 18 and navigating your first rent statement, approaching retirement age, or any financial milestones in between, we can guide and support you.


We have supported 63 residents so far this year, and now have the capacity to support even more – which is great news for both Monmouthshire residents and MHA”.

In addition to the usual financial support we offer such as budgeting tips, energy cost saving tips. undertaking ‘financial MOT’s’, MHA can now offer an increased range of services.

Support such as ‘powering up your pounds’ and ‘time hop treasures’, grow, cook and eat projects, midlife MOT’s and numeracy courses are just a few additional financial and wellbeing tools that will be available for tenants over the coming months.

The funding will last for an 18-month period, up until March 2025 and will support residents to improve financial resilience, gain new skills and thrive in their financial future.

Multiply is a new up to £559 million programme introduced by the Welsh Government, to help transform the lives of adults across the UK, by improving their functional numeracy skills through free personal tutoring, digital training, and flexible courses.