Legislation came into effect in October 2023 which added the XL bully dog breed to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Owners of XL Bullies are now required to apply for an ‘Exemption Certificate’ to show that their dogs are neutered, microchipped, lead trained and will use a muzzle when in public. This must be in place by 31st December 2023.

From 1 February, owners without a ‘Certificate of Exemption’ face a criminal record and an unlimited fine if they are found to be in possession of an XL Bully type, and their dog could be seized.

Additional information about the ban

You can read more about the legislation and how to apply for a Certificate of Exemption’ here: Prepare for the ban on XL Bully dogs – GOV.uk

For further information including identifying if your dog is an XL Bully, advice on muzzle training and lots more, have a look at dog rescue charity Hope Rescue’s website: Advice for XL Bully Owners | Hope Rescue