MHA tenant Will Harmer works as a site supervisor for global building firm ISG Construction. His job involves ensuring construction work on Monmouth’s impressive new Leisure Centre complex is done safely, on time and to the right quality standards.

Will really enjoys his job and the variety of challenges and rewards each day brings. However just a few months ago he was struggling financially and unsure about his future.

Will explains; “I was working as a labourer on minimum wage and struggling to make ends meet. With a family to support and bills to pay, I knew I needed to progress in work and get some more money coming in.”

Will was keen to start a specialist site manager training course that would enable him to find a better paid job, but he couldn’t afford the fees.

Fortunately, MHA Income Officer Kerris Winter had been working with Will to help him get his finances in shape and suggested he get in touch with MHA’s Work and Skills Wise team to see if they could help.

After speaking to Cath Murray from the Work and Skills Wise team, Will found out he was able to apply for funding from MHA’s in work bursary to cover the site management training fees. Will was successful in his application for financial support and began training one day a week on the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) at Coleg Gwent.

Will achieved a fantastic 97% score at the end of his course. He also secured a job offer – to join up with the team working on Monmouth Leisure Centre as a site supervisor on completion of his training. Will’s been working in his new job since June 2018. He’s boosted the wages he has coming in every month and feels in control of his financial situation again.

“I’m so happy with how everything has worked out. I’m loving my new role. I think the skills and knowledge I’ve developed through my life, from being in the military to working as a chef, have helped me a great deal in my new job. Being a site supervisor means I need to keep an eye on health and safety, site logistics, materials and storage to name just a few things – good communication is key!”

“I’d definitely say to other MHA tenants – don’t be afraid to ask for help. The support is out there. My family and I are really grateful for the support from MHA, Kerris and Cath. We have big plans for the future.”