What is Tenancy Coaching?

Our in-house Tenancy Coaching service is here to support tenants who are struggling with managing their property condition and contract. The service offers specialist and bespoke coaching, enabling tenants to make positive decisions about managing their home. Tenancy coaching supports the wellbeing of tenants who are referred, to enable them to have fuller control over their home and their quality of life.

Why have I been referred?

You may have been referred because you need support with:

  • Belongings
  • Garden conditions
  • Property conditions
  • Rent arrears

What may this look like?

You may need support because you have:

  • Difficulty getting into, or between your rooms
  • Struggle to find a place to sit
  • Obstructed access to the toilet, bath or shower
  • Lack of space to store, prepare, or cook food

How may this feel?

  • “I can’t leave my home”
  • “Visitors don’t want to come into my home”
  • “I don’t want visitors coming into my home”

Your safety is our priority

Our reasons for referral may include:

  • A potential fire risk
  • Health & safety concerns
  • Damage to your home
  • Obstructions to routine checks
  • Complaints


Real-life Transformations

Here’s what a few of our service users have to say…

“You need to let them in, they really changed my life and I cannot thank them enough”

“My flat is the best it has ever been, They made it manageable for me and now I can keep on top of things”

“Completely changed my perspective on things. Helped me cope with things better and made me see things more clearly”

For more information, speak to your Neighbourhoods or Income Officer. Alternatively, contact us and ask for the Support Team.

T: 0345 677 227

E: customerservices@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk