If you feel like you are  suffering from persistent noise nuisance where you live, you can now record it and report it to us via ‘The Noise app’ which is free to download and easy to use.

Recordings made will be received by your designated Neighbourhood Officer, or a member of our Community Safety Team, who will then investigate the matter and may need to contact you to discuss things further.

You can download ‘The Noise App’ free from the App Store, on an iPhone, or free from the Google Play Store, on any Android phone.

You will need to register and set up an account, choosing Monmouthshire Housing Association as your housing provider during the setup. A member of our team will review your request and if agreed, you can then begin using the app and sending recordings through.

Please note that terms & conditions apply to usage of the app and you will need to sign up to these before the app can be downloaded.

For further details visit https://www.thenoiseapp.com/#/